Dakewe Biotech Co., Ltd.

                              < H5>Shenzhen Dacco is a biotechnology company

                              Shenzhen Dakewe Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, after nearly two decades of rapid Development has formed a group company with headquarters in Shenzhen and branches in more than ten cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Hong Kong. There are about 500 employees, 90% of whom have bachelor degree or above.


                              The company"s main business involves biosciences (BioScinece) and biomedical (BioMedicine) two major segments, including scientific instruments and reagents (Scientific Instruments) Development, production and marketing of products and technologies such as Life Science Reagents), Medical Equipments and Diagnostic Reagents. Now it has maintained good business relations with more than 100 foreign biotechnology companies and thousands of domestic customers. The products have been exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and North America.

                              • 1999

                                The company was founded in 1999

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                              • 500+

                                The number of employees exceeds 500 people

                              • 90%+

                                90% of the people have bachelor degree or above

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                              • Development Mission

                                Developing biotechnology, there is human health

                              • Development Vision

                                Becoming a leader in the biotechnology industry

                              • Core Values

                                Achieving Customers, Pursuing Win-Win

                                Cultivate talents and work happily

                                Insist on the market, innovate technology

                                Serve the society and build harmony

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                              • Business Philosophy< /h4>

                                To the quality, the best service

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                                Work Spirit

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